What do we mean when we say ‘sustainability’?

Sustainability, now and even more so into the future, will be at the core of all our decision making in business, government, community, and even our personal lives. But what does sustainability actually mean?

With our City of Newcastle Sustainnovation Challenge themes being established through a sustainability lens, the team thought that having a leader in sustainability talk us through what sustainability actually means, was a good idea.

When we asked around our network who would be the best person to speak on the topic of Sustainability, the overwhelming response was Trudie Larnach, Port Waratah’s Manager Sustainability & Corporate Affairs.

Meet Trudie

Trudie Larnach is a proven leader with a unique blend of legal, scientific and engagement skills honed through a variety of experiences in the Resources sector.

Leading Port Waratah’s social licence to operate, including environmental management, community engagement, community investment, sustainability, government and media relations, Trudie is a key person in the Port Waratah management team.

Trudie also finds time to volunteer as a non-executive director with Newcastle based NFP Jenny’s Place supporting women and children experiencing domestic violence. She is also an Industry Representative on the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Newcastle Community Consultation Committee.

Trudie’s passionate about sustainability and building authentic, constructive relationships.

The Sustainable Development Goals and where you can find more information