Developing Local Innovation Talent

Our Future Is Our Next Generation. The Sustainnovation Challenge program creates an environment for communities, governments and businesses to collaborate with their local students, creating solutions to the problems that matter in their communities.

Why We Need A Pipeline of Innovation Talent

A key driver for any community, economic or business growth stems from having a dynamic, interactive and inclusive network that gives life to innovation.

The Sustainnovation Challenge is a program that businesses, governments and communities can use to bolster and develop a broad and diverse pipeline of problem solvers to join and collaborate in their innovation ecosystem network, wherever that may be.

Connecting To Discover

A Sustainnovation Challenge starts with a question aligned to a sustainable development principle; ethics, social, economic or environmental wellbeing. Examples could be, how does region or city support people with a physical disability? Or how does a smart city or region deal with plastic?

Collaborating with the people at the frontline of the question and experts in these areas, the Sustainnovation Challenge team and students seek to clarify a set of root problems aligned with the question becoming the challenges we will attempt to solve.

Building An Idea

Students, community members and others participating in the challenge are supported and coached through the Innovation Collider.

The Innovation Collider is an intense two-day session where participants use system engineering, applied innovation, and other business development tools to formalise the ideas they have to solve the challenges at hand.

Creating The Solution

Empowered to collaborate, innovate and transform, the participants of the Innovation Collider will deliver a pitchable solution, ready to be tested and, if succesful, developed further.

The Sustainnovation Challenge, working with the local innovation ecosystem, will help the participants continue their journey as problem solvers. Discovering more problems and creating ideas to solve them. 

Getting Involved

Collaborate with like-minded organisations who see value in developing our young people and want to make a difference in their communities. Learn how your organisation can benefit from supporting, sponsoring or collaborating in a Sustainnovation Challenge.

Vision & Team

Collaborating with a steely focus on the development of innovation skills and problem-solving mindsets, the Sustainnovation Challenge team’s vision is helping build the innovation talent pipeline we need for our communities and industries to prosper in the 4.0 economy. 

The Sustainnovation Challenge brings together a diverse group of industry, education and local government leaders. 

We Can All Get Involved

Community, local business and industry leadership involvement is a crucial element of a Sustainnovation Challenge.

Learn how you can get involved and how the Sustainnovation Challenge team will create a customised opportunity for you as an individual or organisation to contribute to a Sustainnovation Challenge.

A Challenge Underway

The City of Newcastle, the largest regional city in NSW is also one of the most progressive and dynamic smart cities in Australia.

Community, business, city leaders and the local secondary students are coming together to work on the challenges in their city – social inclusion, managing plastic and future industries.