Get Involved In A Sustainnovation Challenge

We are creating a shift in how community, local government, business, education and students can come together to collaborate and solve the problems that matter most to them. Learn how you can participate in, and benefit from getting involved in a Sustainnovation Challenge.

Local Government

For a local government, supporting or work working with your local industries, businesses and education system to deliver a Sustainnovation Challenge will provide both short and long term benefits to you and your community:

  1. You understand your community better. A Sustainnovation Challenge is a new, way to engage, listen and learn more about the significant challenges and problems that matter to the people and businesses in your community.
  2. Engaging young people. Working closely with the local education ecosystem, your Sustainnovation Challenge program will be embedded by teachers in a students curriculum, rather than being an add on. This approach significantly increases the likelihood of educators activating and championing these programs in their schools, which will result in higher participation rates from students in your areas.
  3. You will get great ideas. Our educators are developing our next-gens with a very different skill set and approach to problem-solving, critical and creative thinking to what we have in our workplaces and communities today. The young people from your community will bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to problems and challenges you and your community want to see solved.
  4. Enhancing growth and prosperity. Growing an active, community-minded, innovative talent pipeline, who want to solve problems will support the development and growth of your economy and community.
  5. It is your Sustainnovation Challenge. No two local government areas, schools or communities are alike. Your Sustainnovation Challenges is curated, aligning to the strategic goals for you and your community.
  6. Great value. A Sustainnovation Challenge is a reasonably priced, high-value program. The Sustainnovation Challenge team is happy to work with the local government team through local, regional and other grant opportunities while engaging with local stakeholders to attract financial and in-kind sponsors and support for the delivery of the program.

Get in touch with the Sustainnovation Challenge team to learn more.

Secondary Education

The Sustainnovation Challenge as a program does not work without a local area, secondary education ecosystem being engaged and wanting to support their student’s involvement in the program. Because of this, schools and teachers were in front of mind when the team was developing the Sustainnovation Challenge program.

Working closely with the Sustainnovation Challenge education advisors, the team strives to deliver a program for the education ecosystem that will:

  • Make participation for schools and teachers easy
  • Provide potential for cross-curricula mapping
  • Provide an enriching, supportive and safe learning experience
  • Engage, challenge, and reward students
  • Make it free, and where possible, provide funding for relief teachers.
  • Encourage new relationships and partnerships with businesses, local government and community.

Working with schools that choose to participate, the Sustainnovation Challenge team is creating a bespoke experience that best fits the school’s program and students.

Ready to bring a Sustainnovation Challenge to your area’s secondary education ecosystem? Let us know. The Sustainnovation Challenge team is happy to connect and pitch your local government and industry to support a Susatinnovation Challenge in your area.

Getting Involved

Collaborate with like-minded organisations who see value in developing our young people and want to make a difference in their communities. Learn how your organisation can benefit from supporting, sponsoring or collaborating in a Sustainnovation Challenge.

Developing Innovation Talent

The growth of our regions, cities, communities and businesses comes down to one thing, having a pipeline of innovative talent.

See how the Sustainnovation Challenge is developing talent who are community-focused, engaged problems solvers and innovators.

Vision & Team

Collaborating with a steely focus on the development of innovation skills and problem-solving mindsets, the Sustainnovation Challenge team’s vision is helping build the innovation talent pipeline we need for our communities and industries to prosper in the 4.0 economy. 

The Sustainnovation Challenge brings together a diverse group of industry, education and local government leaders. 

A Challenge Underway

The City of Newcastle, the largest regional city in NSW is also one of the most progressive and dynamic smart cities in Australia.

Community, business, city leaders and the local secondary students are coming together to work on the challenges in their city – social inclusion, managing plastic and future industries.