Sustainnovation Challenge

Building Social Economic Community Capability

The Sustainnovation Challenge program creates an environment for communities, government and businesses to collaborate with educators, and local students, creating solutions to the problems that matter most in their local and regional communities.

The Sustainnovation Challenge Program Synopsis

Sustainnovation Challenge - A Sustainable Vision

The Sustainnovation Challenge Value Proposition

Getting Involved

Collaborate with like-minded organisations who see value in developing our young people and want to make a difference in their communities. Learn how your organisation can benefit from supporting, sponsoring or collaborating in a Sustainnovation Challenge.

Developing Innovation Talent

The growth of our regions, cities, communities and businesses comes down to one thing, having a pipeline of innovative talent.

See how the Sustainnovation Challenge is developing talent who are community-focused, engaged problems solvers and innovators.

We Can All Get Involved

Community, local business and industry leadership involvement is a crucial element of a Sustainnovation Challenge.

Learn how you can get involved and how the Sustainnovation Challenge team will create a customised opportunity for you as an individual or organisation to contribute to a Sustainnovation Challenge.

A Challenge Underway

The City of Newcastle, the largest regional city in NSW is also one of the most progressive and dynamic smart cities in Australia.

Community, business, city leaders and the local secondary students are coming together to work on the challenges in their city – social inclusion, managing plastic and future industries.