Building resilient, sustainable and connected communities. 

The 2024 Central Coast, MidCoast and Hunter Region Sustainnovation Challenges series will see students from across the regions having their say in how we shape and activate their communities and economies going into the future.

The Student ExperiEnce

Students interact with local business, industry and government experts to identify challenges, problems or opportunities that they would like to work on in the 2024 challenges.
An immersive, two-day learning experience, empowering your students to share ideas to shape their future communities.
The Sustainnovation Challenge partners and supporters will help students turn on the best ideas..
There is no cost for schools to participate. For schools from the Hunter and Central Coast Regions, financial support can be provided for transport costs.

Educator notes & Tips

Challenge Capacity – Sustainnovation Challenges are capped at fifty students. Register your places , 4 – 6 students, early to save your place/seats in a challenge, then find the students. We have a wait list for schools who miss out.  

Student Participation –  The Sustainnovation Challenge is designed for secondary school students. We are syllabus and stage-agnostic. We encourage educators to identify students to participate in a challenge who are looking for opportunities to extend themselves or put to work and show off the lessons they’ve learned from their teachers in the classroom in a real-world application. Big Tip – think diversity first.  

Eligibility – The Hunter and Central Coast Challenges are open to all schools across the region. Support can be provided for transport when required. 

Opportunities – Like the challenge themes but not the challenge structure, let us know. We also have opportunities for teachers to deliver a Sustainnovation Challenge in the classroom. These resources are readily available for you to roll out a challenge over 4-6 lessons at a time that works for you.

industry, business and community invovlement

The Sustainnovation Challenge program comes to life when industry, business and community get involved.

If you would like to be associated with the curation or delivery of the programs in the Hunter or Central Coast areas register your interest.

Reach out or connect

Don’t hesitate to contact the team if you have any questions.

Hunter Central Coasts Sustainnovation Challenge 2024

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Educators, industry and community, join local government and state government agencies to challenge our next gens to come up with great ideas that will accelerate communities and business across the Hunter and Central Coast Regions.