The Opportunity

Involving young people in the discussions of our regions gives them the opportunity to plan and build the places they will want to live, work and grow in the future.

With the support of local industry and government we give you, our local students, a platform to contribute ideas that will support the development and growth of you and your community.

How we do it

The outcomes

You are connected.

You have a agency to dream up and activate the ideas to transform your future. You appreciate your connection with your place and are inspired to drive its success, along with your own.

Reach out

If there is a problem or challenge in your regional or local community that you would like to solve or take action on, lets chat!

Check out our current challenges or connect with us to activate a Sustainnovation Challenge in your community.

Get Involved

Building Resilient, Sustainable and Connected Communities.

Participate in the 2023 South West Sydney Sustainnovation Challenge. Register your interest for Term 1 & 2.